We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — Ireland’s Wild South Coast is an incredible wildlife destination.

A big part of what set’s Ireland’s south coast apart from similar locations is our outstanding marine and coastal wildlife. Case in point: this awesome footage of four Humpback Whales interacting with Short-beaked Common Dolphins was captured by Irish Whale and Dolphin Group researchers on a trip with our Marine Wildlife tour partners Cork Whale Watch in late April.

We encounter humpbacks annually on our tours, and while we can’t guarantee an encounter with large whales on your trip, we do see Minke, Fin and of course Humpback whales regularly both from shore and out on the water on our wildlife short-breaks and wildlife holidays. Your next opportunities to get out with us in search of West Cork’s host of wildlife characters, hopefully including humpbacks, is on our upcoming Discover Wildlife Weekends, or our remaining Ireland’s Wild South Coast holidays.

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